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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Official Comeback Post

      I love it when celebrities have "comebacks".  They are everywhere and then it seems like they fall off the radar.  Well, I am by no means a celebrity and I haven't quite fallen off the radar.  But I definitely haven't kept my New Years resolution to blog more.  So this is the official Just Kate Etc. comeback post! (Insert confetti release here) :) So much has gone on in the past 5 months, so bear with me I am going to start at the beginning.

     January a fantastic month! Business was slow but steady, which I very much appreciated after the Christmas rush.  February-such a short month and way to much to do! I got to work with some fantastic brides and event planners creating one of a kind linens for their big day! March proved to be a great month as well as I continued to work on more custom orders for weddings, baby showers and even some birthday parties.  In April I hosted a baby shower with a "Little Man" theme! Creating and designing for friends is one of my favorite things to do and this shower was no exception.  May was a fun month and I had so much fun working with Jo Brock Photography and Rachel Carl & Co.  for a stylized shabby chic photo session! In June came a gender reveal party and that brings us July.  WOOHOO! What a year it has been! 

     I am taking the next 2 weeks to catch up on all things Just Kate Etc.  Blogging about some awesome events and new listings in my shop! As of now I have at least 40 new listings to post-yes I said 40!! I also have lots of new vintage finds for rent as well! 

     And finally the biggest surprise of the the year so far-I'M EXPECTING!! Yes, I have a baby on the way,  I am over joyed and thrilled at the thought of becoming a mom! And since part of my comeback will be to include adding more personal post to this blog here is a quick little something about my pregnancy so far. 

     Here I am at 5 weeks, the night I found out that I was officially pregnant! I had been at my day job and didn't get home that night until almost 11pm.  I had called my husband earlier in the afternoon and told him, I didn't feel quite right and thought I was getting the flu or something.  I continued to feel sluggish, tired and flu like the rest of the day. And then it hit me-COULD I BE PREGNANT??  A couple of hours later I called him again and said, pick up a pregnancy test, wait up for me and we will take it when I get home.  So as soon as I got home I rushed to the bathroom where he had 6 pregnancy test, 2 different kinds waiting for me.  And sure enough-it was positive! I even took the other 5 just to be sure :) Yep, they were all positive.  I was officially going to be a mom! 

     This is me at 9 weeks! Aren't these belly stickers cute!? I picked them up at Buddha Bellies on Etsy of course :) Pregnancy has treated me well, I have no major complaints. I made a few changes to my exercise routine (no plyometrics and a little less focus on my abs) and my diet ( I added more fruit and whole grains) and  I sleep A LOT!  Around this time I was craving really sour foods, lots of lemonade and anything really, really cold.   I found some great natural no calorie-no added sugar, lemonade mix that helped  me during the next few weeks.  And over crushed ice-PERFECTION! 

   Seventeen weeks and feeling great! So much more energy at this point! Although, I am still making sure to rest more and take naps when I can! No real cravings but, I am giving in to some indulgences that I had not had in a while.  Things like real ice cream-yum yum! I figured a little scoop here or there won't hurt :) After all I gave up sushi, cheese and alcohol-I have to have something! 

     And here I am today-25 weeks! Still feeling great and getting anxious! I can't believe I have to wait 15 more weeks to meet my little pumpkin! The best part is feeling the baby move (which started about 18 weeks).  My little one likes to move all the time at all hours of the day and night :) I have been craving lots of fruit and it seems that I can't even keep it in my house long enough.  Also craving lots of salads-anything light and fresh!  I have been a busy little mom already, planning the nursery, registering (ugh-this was painful) and making sure we have everything we need! 

     So I have caught you up on all the latest and greatest.  Stay close by, and watch for all the new listings in my shop Just Kate Etc and more blog post here about all the fabulous events, I have helped create! Hope you will stick around! 


  1. yay! A preggo post!! I was just thinking the other day I need to see your belly pics;) haha! I love it;) Well done, glad you are back in the blogging world-I hope you stay! It was fun working with you on your "project" and looking forward to the future ones!! Oh, and I can't wait for Conrad and Greyson to be best buddies;) hehe

  2. You look great! The belly stickers are super cute!