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Thursday, December 29, 2011

{Rustic Chic Christmas} Making OUR house a HOME for the Holidays!

For those of you who don't know-I have an obsession with all things rustic chic.  And for those of you who are now saying "HUH?", let me explain. Rustic chic can mean many things, but to me it is is best described as natural elements, with a little bit of worn vintage and a splash class. Still confused, stick with me (here is a hint)!

     As with every project I do there are lessons to be learned and challenges to be had, and transforming our home into my Christmas vision was no exception. Our house decor without the Christmas added in, is quite the collection of his and hers. My husband Josh, had already owned our home before we married, I moved in and lovingly :) took over all decor and renovations. (He had lived there for 4 years without me and made little improvements or upgrades).

     Since I took over, we have done several things-new carpet, new paint, some new fixtures, and even a few new pieces of furniture. But like every other young couple we have a budget so our house is not "complete" and full of projects. We have some of his modern decor mixed with my vintage pieces, not exactly the Ralph Lauren Ad I was trying to accomplish, but it is getting there. So this, (my hodge podge, mish mosh, his and her decor) presented me with my biggest challenge. I was trying to now blend in Christmas to an already somewhat un-blended pallet. But,  being that this was my first Christmas as a married woman, I was determined to really do it up BIG. I had a list of all the baking I wanted to do, gifts to get, inspiration for decor and a theme (Rustic Chic of course). This was the first time that a lot of my family was going to see our house, so the pressure was ON! 

Challenge Accepted!

     So here is how our entry way turned out. I used a red plaid table square to give our regular entry way table so color! We got a TON of Christmas cards this year (so cool, I feel so loved) and I wanted to incorporate them into our decor as well. I used twine and clothes pins, to string them along the table. And that is Josh's childhood stocking, forgot to hang mine up before I took this pic.

Our entry way! We even got new tile for Christmas (this isn't it-but it is coming soon!)

I used ball jars filled with Epsom salt (looks like faux snow) and mercury glass votive's to add a touch of candlelight!

Pinterest project! Faux snow, ornaments, pine cones and pine leaves filled in an apothecary jar

This is actually a large candle ring that I hung with twine. It was the perfect fit for my smaller mirror.
 On to our living room! I love having a house with a fireplace to decorate! I hit up my local craft store and bought a lots of red berry garland. I added some more faux snow, pine cones and ball jar votives. The stockings and tree skirt I purchased at Crate and Barrel several years ago. And our reindeer stocking holders came from Target.

More candle ring wreath! I love these vintage inspired mirror trays and my "Home for the Holidays"sign. I picked these up at LaurieAnna's Vintage Home in Canton.

Our tree! Now looking at it, I wish I would have added more too it! But I have a good start for next year :)
New Rustic tree topper from Target.

I used kraft paper to wrap all of our presents! Also added green and natural colored twine, red ribbon, tea dipped doilies and tags! You will even see some plaid fabric strips!

Some I phone photo close ups! I tied cinnamon sticks on to some of the gifts as well!
Made everything smell so wonderful!

Here is our bar area. I found this awesome reclaimed wood piece a few weeks ago and it fit our new wine fridge perfectly! But I had yet to install the shelves above to hold all our glasses and bar tools. So I found this little Christmas tree and decided to add some other goodies that I picked up at Canton! I think it turned out pretty cute!

More Christmas cards! This was the perfect place to display them!

Here is our Christmas Card from the very lovely and talented Julie at The Type Tree

     And finally our Christmas table! My pride and joy :) I was so happy at how this turned out! We hosted two family dinners this year so it was the one place everyone was going to be spending lots of time in! And we finally got to use lots of our wedding gifts! Most of the decor items were purchased at local craft stores, I already had lots of ball jars, the mercury votives and I picked up the to die for berry bucket in Canton! (PS its available to rent-yeah for you!)

We served two different types of chili (hints the table setting). I will post that recipe soon-it was SO super good! I used two table runners instead of one and put them side by side to add some color to the table without covering up all the pretty wood! (PS this was my husbands table before we married-pretty decent :)

I made these burlap place mats.  So easy and cute! Maybe I will have a DIY post or put them up for sale in the shop!

I picked up the chalkboard place cards at a new local shop Southern Simplicity

More ball jars in various sizes and some left over mercury glass votive from our wedding.

Here is a close up of the berry bucket centerpiece! Lots of red berries cinnamon sticks, pine cones and ball jars! I basically just put everything in there and played around with it until it looked like I wanted. PS-I usually don't care for fake plants etc. but I make Christmas the exception Its just too hard to find find a lot of natural florals like these when its still 70 degrees outside! But I did purchase several pine wreaths and cut them up and added them thought my decor so it's a mix of the real and fake stuff.
     And there you have it folks- A Rustic Chic Christmas! I love the way it turned out and I think that our family did too, they all seemed to be impressed with the improvements from my husbands bachelor pad days. Of course like any other type A person I am thinking about next year and planning my theme! I hope to use a lot of the same things, but here are a few things I would do differently-Lessons learned:

Lesson #1: Rome was not built in a day, and neither will my supply of Christmas Decor, unless I win the lottery. I realized this after my 3rd trip to the Christmas Store in a week, that I was about to blow my budget, just on decorations! So work with what you have and add a few pieces each year. Those that have a house full of Christmas, had been collecting items for many years! Lesson #2: Limited time means-it can't all be done! I literally had one weekend to do all things related to Christmas. Next year-START EARLIER!
Lesson #3: No one or home can be perfectly coiffed for Christmas. Your decor, home or event should reflect you, your style and where you are at in your life.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! And I wish you all a very Happy 2012!

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